Live to Play

16 November 2011
Con Magees Glenravel will host a ‘Live to Play’ education event on Saturday 19th November @ 4pm and all GAA and non-GAA members in the area are invited to attend.
Live to Play is a Road Safety initiative promoted by Ulster GAA in conjunction with Clubs and County boards. It aims to raise awareness and to educate members on how best to stay safe on the roads. The education is aimed at young drivers (16-24) but is applicable for all adult road users.
The desire on the part of the GAA to promote Live to Play is unfortunately rooted in tragedy. Each year brings startlingly statistics about those who been involved in traffic collisions, but behind each statistic is a family and community whose lives have been plunged into terrible grief. Among these have been many GAA members, leaving the Clubs to which they belong devastated.  In an effort to prevent this happening, Live to Play was developed and a range of resources are now available to promote the initiative such as posters, car stickers, air fresheners as well as a fully functioning microsite at
The event in Glenravel will reinforce the Live to Play message, with the support of emergency services and those who have been most deeply affected by the dangers on the Roads.