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Name: Maria Toner
Congratulations to all newly nominated onto committee. All the very best for incoming season on and off the pitch. Raymond snr, Roy and Micky hard act to follow, you have your work cut out. Onwards and upwards you will have my support.
Hi Maria, great to hear from you and your support is appreciated. Many thanks Raymond
Name: Kevin McVeagh
Thanks Slim you must have changed your number again
Name: conor compston
"Raymond Compston saw little of the ball but rest assured he will recall in specific detail every move of this game a decade from now."

lol that is so true
Name: Slim
Will do kevin
Name: Kevin Mc Veagh
Through the medium of the fantastic Aggies Website could Slim please contact me with reference to the Wedding [Not his I may add] Thanks
Name: Roy mc Larnon
Many thanks to everyone who attended the AGM.In my view this was a very good meeting culminating in all positions filled and a tangible feeling of upwards and onwards about the proceedings.I sincerely wish everyone elected to the committee every success in their quest to advance gaelic games within our club.I especially wish the executive officers all the best in the year ahead and trust in their leadership in the future.

Go raith maith agaibh,

Rua mac Giolla Earnain.
Name: Slim
I dont regard Decky Mclarnon singing Song for Ireland too offensive...unless his brutal singing offends the purists...
Hi Conor whilst I was tip toeing around the bushes "brutal" is very harsh
Name: Kevin Mc Veagh
Hope the Agm went well.Apologies for non attendance. Good luck for the coming season
Thanks Kevin
Name: Interested
Hi, any word of when training will commence?

Any new managerial appointments for 2010?
Hi (interested), I decided from the outset that I would only respond to queries, posts comments etc from member, friends supporters etc who identify themselves, so sorry but I will not answer your query. Should you wish to make your enquiry again I will forward it to the new secretary who's contact details etc will be added to the site in the coming days. Regards Raymond
Name: Brendan Mulgrew
Sorry I missed the AGM today, but glad to hear of all the new blood coming into committee. The only way is up!!
Thanks Brendan, your apology is accepted next year you will be given even more notice too "ensure" that you will be in attendance. Big brother Ciaran was there and I was delighted that the Mulgrew name was yet again noted in attendance at an AGM of Namoh Una CLG. Raymond
Name: Slim

Hi Ray, any chance of getting this video onto the website.  Not only can the Aggies provide fantastic footballers but keeping with the GAA's tradition of promoting the irish heritage....
Hi Conor, I viewed the video and I have decided that its content is too offensive, members are of course free to check out the website at their own discretion but  your description "promotion of Irish Heritage" is stretching poetic license . Raymond
Name: diarmaid
JP Woods, (plays for our football team , occassionally assassinates players in training sessions) has been away working in england.  he is looking for a room in Belfast for a couple of months.  Anyone help him out of know any1 who can? Hes loaded and will pay top dollar rent.

Cheers boys.

ps seen fra zubs had a new pair of boots on stephens day...good man fra more season
Name: Brendan Mulgrew
Murf wrote: The person between G Shannon & B O’Boyle I think is still coming to terms with the game plan.

Isn't that Leo?
Hi Brendan, Leo's sisiter works here she has confirmed its not him
Name: Kevin Mc Veagh
Je*** that photo of Shannon 1981 brought back some memories . I think we were celebrating winning our first ever game in five attempts. Ihave alook for some old photos for you . Cheers
Thanks kevin, there are some photgraphs in the miscelleanous section which might also be of Shannon weekends, the one with the Garda car in it is a bit of a clue
Name: Grievesy
Murph - have another look at picture 64 in miscellaneous. Look at Phil Bradley, 2nd from right in the front row. And then look at yourself. Phil is either distraught at the thought of yourself in midfield(clearly you're chuffed), or like you, Jimmy Duffys team talk was just too complex to take in. "Was it no high balls, or no low balls?"
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