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Name: Kevin Mc Veagh
Training for Seniors at Queens Playing Fields [The Dub ] starting at 7pm Sharp ,Pitch 9 under Floodlights . Please wear suitable attire Thanks
Name: Mick
Have ya noticed Brendy that the only place we train on is that top corner of the pitch.  
Name: Slim
For Conor Compston.  Me and Mick r goin to see if we can get cheap helmets from a place in Keady that the new hurling manager knows.  I will keep you posted to tell u the craic.
Name: Brendan Grieve
Im loving that aerial view of Pairc Naomh Una! Especially since those unfamiliar with Woodlands would be forgiven for thinking that we had built an impressive new stand to the East! Uncle Pauls biggest project to date!
Name: fred
anyone got a copy of the dvd of are match against cargin from a few years back, see if i can get it onto youtube then onto the site, see a bit of action!!
Name: conor compston
when are these mycro helmets coming in and will they be available to buy?
Name: Martin Murphy
I would like to thank everyone who mucked in and helped give the club premises a bit of a clean up today.  Appreciate it was difficult given the ongoing repairs due to the burst pipes.  There were a few people today who I think found their true vocation in life.  To ensure when the history of St Agnes GAC is written your work today will not be forgotten please find below the role of honour: -
· Frankie Caldwell Commander in chief
· Brendan Grieve Chief Storeroom
· Raymond Compston jnr Assistant Storeroom
· Declan Crummey Rigs
· Conor McLean Toilet attendant
· Raymond Compston snr Chief Grounds
· Mick McLean Assistant Ground
· Martin Murphy Shower & Changing Room
· Joe Compston minibus prep for disposal
· Sylvia Compston Kitchen (Tomorrow)
Name: conrad
Just a note about the marc helmets offer donating money to "Make a wish" they are the charity who sent my family all expenses paid to Forida in September so that Aaron could fulfill his dream of meeting mickey mouse that he had made while he was desperately ill receiving chemotherapy, so it is a very worthwhile cause
Name: Brendan Mulgrew
Good to see the new, professional. specific approach to timekeeping from the incoming treasurer.
I assume that as Brendan feels confident enough to take shots at a member who is going to be there that he will also be in attendance around the 11.30ish mark to do his bit?
Name: Martin Murphy
The great club premises clean up is commencing at 11.30ish on Sunday 17th Jan-10.  Everyones help would be appreciated.  Thanks
Name: Mick
How come the Lotto jackpot has went up from £500 to £700.  This is a new feature that the club will be running?? 'Club Lotto'   By the way, we will be looking into getting Mycro helmets from a supplier in Keady for around 50 quid.  
The Club Lotto Logo is just a an example used by the website designer to demonstrate what can be done. I will have this removed. The Club does have a lotto syndicate which is very successful, details are on the documents section of the website, anyone interested in joining should contact Joe 07719952072 or any committee member
Name: Brendan Mulgrew
email from Marc

Since January 1st it is now compulsory for players of all ages to wear a Hurling Helmet. In order to promote safety among players MARC Sports are operating a Helmet Scrappage Scheme until the 21st of February 2010. If a player avails of this scrappage scheme they will get a €15 discount off a new MARC Hurling Helmet. This scheme is being run in conjunction with the Children’s Charity, “Make-A-Wish” Ireland. The “Make-A-Wish” foundation will receive a donation from MARC Sports at the end of this scheme.

We’ve attached a poster for you which features our latest Brand Ambassador, current All-Star, Joe Canning. Further information is available on our website,
Name: Brendan Mulgrew
Slim - I got an email today from Marc helmets saying they are doing a 'scrappage scheme' - £15 off your new helmet when you bring in your old one. It's on my work machine, I'll post the details here tomorrow.
Name: conrad

marc helmets are 75 euro but the website says that they offer discount for club bulk purchases, maybe we should text everybody to see if enough players need one to order in bulk?

Name: Slim
been checking out hurling helmets online for purchace. are doing

Marc helmets for £60
Cooper helmets for £70
Mycro helmets for £70

thats the cheapest place ive come across. anyone know any other places doing cheaper?

go raibh maith agaibh
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