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Name: Mick
Well said lads, Let get everyone out training. An absolute embarassment to new incoming coaches and players.  Dont have the rest of the boys dragging you over the finish line in the last 10 minutes of championship.  Its a team game, not a solo effort.
Name: Conor C
They must all be in Ballina mate ;) But all the same, get out of your pots you lazy shower and get some training in!
Name: Slim
two excellent training sessions  on Sunday from kevin and kevin.  Any chance of some other people turning up.  its a joke that the same people are busting their ***** at every session...
Name: Christy

Yeah Yeah.....Were you running from one end of ur bedroom to the other? :-)
Name: Caoimhin
I done them in 62 seconds on tuesday nite in Coleraine AND still managed to keep a hold of my dinner :)
Name: Big Mick
Chad Caldwell thats nothing to brag about, if i can do them in 62 seconds you must be well off the pace. ha ha
Name: conrad
From the 1st January 2010, the following applies to  all players at all levels up to and including Senior grade:

(a) In all Hurling Games and Hurling Practice Sessions it is mandatory for all players to wear helmets with a facial guard.

(b) Helmets shall be approved for use on the basis of compliance with standards and tests
     set out in IS:355 as determined by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

Currently the approved helmets are the Mycro, Marc and Azzurri.  

The GAA Injury Scheme will only operate for hurling injuries if the injured player was wearing an approved helmet.

-------from antrim county board website:note that it only covers these helmets coopers are not allowed
Name: Kevin Martin
Any talk of where we'll be getting sticks from this year or when we might be getting them in?
Name: 'Chad' Caldwell
Pearse Im pretty sure Championship vrs Ballycastle is fixed for the 23rd August. Preliminary rounds are always first week of August so it makes sense.

In other news, did anyone see me destroy the shuttles in 63 seconds last night? Are you watching Deccie Mc????
Name: non-playing member
Location: and a......


I have deleted your comments because only posters who identify themselves will be allowed to be posted. If your are intrested in expressing the concerns you expressed you can do so throught the club committee.

thanks Raymond
Name: Kevin Mc Veagh
Well done to everyone who turned up at the club training session on Wednesday Night. It was great to see so many there. Two more warm up sessions and then we can begin training in earnest . See you all Sunday morning at 11.30 am after the Hurling session at Woodlands.
Name: Conor Compston
Does anyone have a heat gun? i would be very gratefull if anyone would give just a quick lend of it.
Name: The Committee
All members of St Agnes GAC please note.  A registration night will be held on the 03/02/2010.  This is for both playing and non-playing members.  If anybody can sign up to the 100 club.  This will provide a good opportunity to do so as well.
Name: Christy
Please be assured that my previous post did not include a four lettered profanity!!
It would not have been posted if it had.

Name: Chris Ward
RE: Kevin McVeigh

Hi Kevin,

Are ???? buckets being provided this week, think few of the lads might need them!!...hahaha

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