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Name: Grievesy
Another close game last night and unfortunately another narrow defeat.

I dont think its a coincidence lads that we seem to fade in the second half in both codes this year. Its a cliche I know but you only get out what you put in. The only way to turn these narrow defeats into victories is to get out on the training pitch.

Show your team mates and the management some respect and get down to Pairc Naomh Una and lets put these results behind us.

Name: Marty R
Hard luck tonight lads. We battled well and could have nicked it but it wasnt to be.
Heads up for Wed night and get the result!

Name: The Bold Josey C
Good luck to all the hurlers tomorrow night you will be glad to hear that (The Bold Josey C) will be unavailable so some other lunatic will have to roar at you all from the sideline  give it a lash lads  AGGIES ABU.
Name: Conor C re:ACFL
Can't fault the effort lads. Three games in seven days is tough going but it feels like things are starting to click in the right places and there's a long way to go yet!
Name: Dan Turley
New gear looks crackin
Name: Maria Toner
A brilliant night Friday.  Well done to the organisers. If anyone found a pink Samsung camera let me know please.  Silly me has lost mine. Thanks
Name: A Chara Naomh Una
The Bold Joe (Josey C) Compston

Ye young men of Ireland, who are anxious for hurling, A word of advice I will give unto ye,
Come up to Belfast City to the athletic sports-field, And there you'll find Josey, the pride of the 'Town.
'Tis he'll show you hurling like Finn or Cuchulainn, To the name of this hero proud memory clings,
From Galway to Dublin, from Beara to Malin, All Ireland is toasting the bold Josey C.

For lifting and striking and doubling like lightning, For point and goal scoring his praises we'll sing.
His hurling's most glorious, he's always victorious, He's Aggies darling hurler, the bold Josey C.
Great hurlers we've had all over the country,
Blackrock's Eudie Coughlan, Sean Og and John Quirke, Jack Lynch of Glen Rovers, the 'Barrs and the Redmonds,
And the brave lads from Carrig who never did shirk. Tipperary's Pat Stakelum, Bannon and Kenny,
The Rackards of Wexford and Galway's Mick King, John Keane from the Decies, Mick Mackey of Limerick, They all must give way to the bold Josey C.

In great hurling matches 'gainst Tipp. and Kilkenny,
'Gainst Galway and Dublin, 'gainst Wexford and Clare. 'Gainst Waterford, Limerick and all other counties,
Our hero was foremost, he never showed fear. Eight medals he now has, a record unbroken,
Of hurlers he now is surely the king.
So now all together, one last rousing chorus,
Three cheers for the maestro, the bold Josey C.

Name: Conor Compston
when is the new gear coming????
Name: Trad Chad
Great night last night folks. Well done to all involved in the organising and thanks to the guests who gave up their time to be a part of it!
Name: Conor Compston
unlucky lads in the U16 football. Ref was quite simply a *****.
hopefully we can win the hurling this sunday!

when does all of this new gear come in, everyone has been asking about it now for weeks
Name: Scuba Steve
Lads as dan said well done! we proved to be a strong team and were unlucky not to win! Proud of yous all
Name: Donal Rooney
Unlucky lads
soome points on the board but we were
Sorry Donal I can't add the last bit even though must everyone would agree with you
Name: Dan Turley
Well Done all U-16's on Thursday night. A draw is better than a loss. lets get the win next time out.
Name: Sean Diarmaid O Ceallaigh ESQ
U know its diarmaid.  dunno if i'd get near that hurling team now grievsey. i'm stickin wit the big ball.  great result on sunday. glad we found a decent full forward. that mc kee boy only has 30 mins in him since he got engaged :) Joe must of got one of the kids 2 write that 4 him. joe doesnt know that many words..
Name: Joe Mor
Well Grievesy since you are on the sideline tonight why don't you have a go at the Paddy Heaney Pen (Irish News) and let the members compare (words we understand) none of you Uni cxxx.

I heard when you get started you would think it was Paddy;s uncle Joseph (Seamus Heaney)who had penned it.

By the way got some footage of the minor Ulster Final a few years back and there's a twin of yourself sitting on the bench right to the final whistle.
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