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Name: Conor Chad
Good luck our young hurlers tonight. Believe in yourselves!
Name: Roy McLarnon
Three nights on and i still cannot come to terms with the disappointment and the agony of being so near. That said i would like on behalf of the management to thank the players for their magnificent committment during our championship run and also the dignified manner in  the way they accepted defeat.Our club can rightfully be very proud of you all.It would be remiss of me not to mention the wholehearted support we received in every game in the championship and especially the final. P.S. I encourage everyone to get behind our young hurlers in the u16 all county final @ casement park on tuesday @ 7pm.
Name: Big Mick
Just want to wish the lads taking part in tommorrow nights final, All the Best!!!  I really wish I could be there.  Do the club proud, show the rest of us how to kill the game off and remember, with great gifts come great responsibility, so use your gifts proudly tommorrow night and bring at least one county championship trophy back home.  Every ball, every catch, every point.  No holds barred.  Aggies abu
Name: Brendan Mulgrew
That was hard to take as a supporter, so I can imagine what it was like for the squad and management. Aside from the opening 5 minutes O'D's were never in the lead until the 57th or 58th minute minute approx. We were so near - but the momentum swung in that crucial period towards the end.

It was a very good game, and shows what can be achieved with the right amount of work.

Next year?
Name: Conor Chad
Lads I've shed more than a few tears this weekend and can't stop thinking about the "If I'd have only..." etc. But we came so close: we know that we must work ten times as hard from January onwards to make sure this doesn't happen again. Keep her lit boys.
Name: O'Donnells
We stole it at the end but what a game - and a massive crowd for a junior game-fair play to big lynchy and the boys for comin down to our club last nite-i cudnt hav done it
Name: Kevin Mc Veagh
Lads hard luck last night I am sure you are gutted.Lets get the heads up and start preparing for next season
Name: Kevin
Unlucky lads, it was a good performance.......kepp the heads up!!
Name: Rory
Adh mor oraibh anocht

Name: ODonnells GAC
Best of luck tonite Aggies and may the best team win - i hope youse dont play as well as youse did against the Macs
Haha. Thanks O' Donnell's. Should be a great game. From our point of view we hope we play as well as in the semi and another step up after that!
Name: Kevin Burke
Best of luck to lads tonight

Naomh Una Abu
Name: Ciaran Mulgrew
Best of luck to everyone for tonight. There have not been too many nights like this one over the decades, so I am really looking forward to this one.
Name: nuala v
best of luck for tonight boys! we know u can do it! every 1 of u go out n njoy the game play to the best of ur ability n i know we can win it!! aggies abu!!
Name: kevin Grieve
all the best in the final on friday, would be a great end to the season. if the performance is anything like that against mc dees u wont b 2 far away. good luck
Name: Kevin
Naomh Una Abu!!
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