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Name: cods
Big joe only in csement on a sunday between 4 and 8 who's he kidding lol
All Members I have your official GAA Membership Card

I will be in Casement S.C on Saturday Night and Sunday from 4 PM to 8 PM if you want to collect it

I will try to post them to you if they have not been collected by the 8th of November
At last nights committee meeting Tuesday 26th October it was decided that we would pursue a COACHING Foundation course in football for all existing coaches & mentors who have not yet completed this course, I think that would be most of us.

To that end I have contacted Casement office and have been informed that the course would have to be attended by a minimum of 16 people and it would be 6 hours in duration held on a Saturday or Sunday

It is important the I am made aware of anyone interested in taken part I think anyone involved with coaching a present  should really attend this course it is the minimum requirement for coaching children.
Contact me on 07719952072
Name: Maria
Club committee meeting Tuesday, 26th October 2010, 7.30pm @ the club.
Name: Conor Compston
it has been nearly 3weeks since final and still no pictures?
Name: Manaquin Jr
Great turn out for the first aid course held over the last two Thursday nights in the club. Very informative and i think important for everyone who coaches or indeed plays to have gained such knowledge.  A testament also to the u16's as well who got their first experience in first aid. aggies abu.
Name: Ryan Reilly
Is there no other photos of the u16 final being put up on the website??
Name: Conor C
Hi folks,

Im particularly keen to get some photos up on the 'site over the next two or three weeks. If anyone has any photos, particularly from the JFC final, could they e-mail them to me at:

Thanks, Conor
Name: Big Mick
No mention of the 'Brick' Reilly throughout that whole report.  Thats an excellent sign.  Ulster next?? Please inform
Hi Mick don't believe there's an Ulster, the Brick was at full back their full forward was an important player he scored a fabulous early point, after that despite great service he made no further telling contribution (the opinion of this observer) that was down to the way he was marked and marshalled
Name: Conor Compston
when will all the videos be posted of the final and the pictures?
When I get the cable for my better half's camera!! CC (the original)
Name: Joe R
I scored a Goal
Name: tiernan
ray it says i scored 0-2, i scored 1-3
Name: Ryan
When will the U16 full match report be published??
Hi Ryan we willl have it this weekend, can anyone help with the scorers, Conor Pelan 1-03, Brian Crossan 1-01, Tiernan 0-2, Ben Toner 1-0, etc?
Name: D Mc L
Congratulations to the U-16s on their fantastic win on tuesday night. You have worked hard throughout the year and the great committment given by the management team and players alike has deservedly delivered success. You were hungry, determined and showed great courage. It is important that you all stay together and work even harder next year. It was just unfortunate that our footballers couldnt match you on Friday past and I hope that with continued hard work and committment from the team we will learn from our mistakes and never find ourselves in that position again. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the players for their effort over the last couple of months. The numbers at training have been excellent and we would not have reached the final if not for the whole panel. Everyones input has been invaluable. It is important that we maintain these numbers and stay together for next year. I would also like to thank the management team for all their endeavours throughout the year. They have been ever present and have provided us with the platform to move forward. It has been my priviledge and honour to Captain the team and I am proud to call you all teammates. I hope that we can move forward next year and turn the dissappointment that we all feel now into success!
Name: Conor Compston
dad wise up and put on the ending of that poem, its class. no one will care
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