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Name: cods
I'm Back....45 mins of playing time under my belt tonight topped off with a quality goal...
well played Davey!!
where did yous geto'brien from?
Name: Donal Rooney
Slim get home your strating to sound like an American!
Name: Slim
Rory, i have them and you're not getting them back u wee scallywag
Name: rory compston
A pair of canterbury tracksuit bottoms were left behind this morning at training. If anyone has them please leave a message on the guest book. thank you
Name: Massiamo Thiabi
Being sir Alex's keeper go the 90's I know how hard it??
Well that's the last we are going to hear from you, perhaps you could take a few grammar lessons as I can't understand what you are trying to say.
Name: Massiamo Thiabi
Big mickey lobed on the line twice. I know where my finger is pointing.
And what makes u the expert?            
Name: Donal Rooney
Well done to the Senior reserves last night! it was an unlucky match and the score doesnt reflect the match! That was a game that could have been won, heads up. NUA!
Name: Colin Mallon
Great win for the seniors! Sorry i couldn't make it, had to stay home and revise for maths gcse. Must get kevin or one of the other managers number so i can text them in future. NUA
Name: Kevin
great result yesterday lads, keep it up! aggies abú!
Name: Slim
well done today lads. Great to see we're back on track again. Good luck in the next match. Aggies abu
Name: Conor C
It was dry Grievesy, but I got it ;)
Name: ken dodd
Well said administrator. He is one funny guy!
ken who?
Name: Grievesy
My apologies at my attempted humor regards the KOL tickets. I dont even know who they are - are they a trad band? Anyway, I just wanted to see how many people were willing to give up their tickets in order to prepare for the St Mals game the next day. Seems we have a few so well done.

To summise - I DO NOT need tickets for Slane.  
your Hilarious Brendan
Name: Donal Rooney
Grievsey! i have two for £60 each if your interested? not going due to champo league final!
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