Registration Night

Dear friend of St Agnesí GAC
I am taking this opportunity to write to all present and past members of St Agnesí GAC to invite them to our club registration evening on Wednesday 3rd February 2010 in our clubrooms in South Link between 7pm-9pm.
It may be that you are an active member of our club, if this is the case we would still appreciate your attendance in order to get all our club members details updated and correct. If in the event you have not had contact with St Agnesí GAC for a period of time, we would warmly invite you to come along, register with the club and be part of a growing and vibrant GAA club in the heart of the Andersonstown area.
Membership fees are very moderate indeed. If you wish to become a non-playing member of the club, a yearly payment of only £10 secures your membership. For those who are life members of the club, the fee is a yearly payment of only £5. Iím sure you will agree that this is a very small amount of money to pay per year; however please donít under estimate the importance of all these fees to the clubs finances. The registration evening is as opportunity for membership payments to be made, and I would be obliged if you could do so.
I would like to point out that we have been instructed by Croke Park to register all our members and we have been advised of a deadline for this. We must send through our entire membership to Croke Park and failure by you to register with a GAA Club will result in you not being a member of the GAA. I would point out that this adds significance to the registration night, as registration with us means you will then be a bone fide member of the GAA.
Like all GAA clubs, financial difficulties are always being faced head on and your membership fee will go a long way in helping St Agnesí finances.
If you have any questions or queries in regards to any of the content in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 3rd February in our clubrooms.
Kind Regards
Chris Ward
Asst Treasurer
Naomh Una CLG