Club cleanup

I would like to thank everyone who mucked in and helped give the club premises a bit of a clean up today. Appreciate it was difficult given the ongoing repairs due to the burst pipes. There were a few people today who I think found their true vocation in life. To ensure when the history of St Agnes GAC is written your work today will not be forgotten please find below the role of honour: -
Frankie Caldwell - Commander in chief
Brendan Grieve - Chief Storeroom
Raymond Compston jnr - Assistant Storeroom
Declan Crummey - Rigs
Conor McLean - Toilet Attendant
Raymond Compston snr - Chief Groundsman
Mick McLean - Assistant Groundsman
Martin Murphy - Shower & Changing Room
Joe Compston - minibus prep for disposal
Sylvia Compston - Kitchen
Martin Murphy
An Cisteoir.