Club Fundraising Committee
Club Fundraising committee meeting on Tuesday 19th January 2010 at Club Premises at 7.00pm. If you can help in any small way I would like you to attend or even e-mail me what you would be prepared to assist with.
At our recent AGM the clubs financial position was outlined. In summary, we do not have sufficient money to meet our short term commitments such as league entry fees, player and buildings insurance or indeed purchase of playing equipment for the incoming season. Over the last number of years our fundraising has not kept pace with our financial commitments.
In an attempt to address this situation I propose forming a club fundraising committee to:-
a) Distribute responsibility for fundraising activities
b) Provide structure for our fundraising activities
c) Ensure we meet our short-term commitments
d) Support the club financially to meet its development plans
e) Allow the executive committee to focus on club development rather than the detail of fundraising.
The agenda for the meeting is as follows:-
a) Discussion of fundraising activities (some ideas below) and timeframe
b) Allocation of responsibility and / or assistance
c) Fundraising activities at Annual Awards Dinner
d) Fundraising targets for the year.
I appeal for your support as nothing will be achieved if Iím sitting in the club rooms by myself or with the usual faces. What can you do? Fundraising activities:-
a) Lotto (RU in it)
b) Weekend Racing Double
c) Sports Club Tax relief
d) Senior Sponsored Run
e) Juvenile Sponsored Run
f) Senior Training
g) Match tax (40 matches x £1 x 15 = £600)
h) Poker Night
i) Club Night
j) Annual Dinner
k) Night at the races
l) Jersey Sponsorship
m) Website advertising
n) Club Year Book
o) Subscriptions (Club register)
p) Correct score
q) Bus runs (Antrim League away matches)
r) Casement monthly social? Your ideas